Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The team at Riverside Cares is so thankful and grateful for the support of our pick up grocery service! We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to our effort to fill the gap in local food supplies by providing convenient and safe curbside grocery pick up to our community, all while helping to keep our team at the Riverside Convention Center working during these challenging times.

We are also so delighted by those of you who contributed to those in need. We are pleased to report you have given more than $4,000 in charitable donations that has allowed us to provide much needed food supplies to the Riverside Salvation Army and Path of Life Ministries Homeless Shelter.

With our local grocery store supplies now returning to more typical levels, we have made the decision to close our grocery service and would encourage our community to support local Riverside retailers.

Riverside is a strong, resilient and giving community. We were pleased to do our part to help fill the immediate gap in local food supplies. We look forward to serving you once again with the world class service, hand-crafted farm-to-table cuisine and concierge customer service you have come to expect from the Riverside Convention Center!